Will I Need Glasses After Laser Eye Surgery?

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Will I Need Glasses After Laser Eye Surgery?
Will I Need Glasses After Laser Eye Surgery?
This is a very popular question that we receive.
In regards to our Lasek Eye Surgery it is very rare for glasses to be needed after the surgery is complete.
In most cases our patients reach 20/20 or better.
However, in some cases, it is possible for vision to slightly change.
Although this is very rare, we like to comfort our patients in knowing that we have a Lifetime Vision Care Plan available which states that, as long as the patient keeps up with their annual visits, any future correction in their vision would be free.
The only case where glasses would be needed is if a patient with bi-focals chose to have their distance vision corrected, they would still need reading glasses.
However, we also have mono vision available, this is when one eye is corrected for distance and one eye is corrected for reading.
In this case glasses would no longer be necessary.
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