Recovery time after your Laser Eye Surgery?

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Recovery time after your Laser Eye Surgery?
Recovery time after your Laser Eye Surgery?
Here at The Goldberg Centre we recommend that there be a minimum of 4 days taken off once the surgery is complete.
Dr. Goldberg needs to see you 4 days after the surgery for a follow up appointment.
This is to see how your eyes are healing as well as to remove the protective lenses that are placed on your eyes during the surgery. (They protect your eyes while they are in the early stages of healing)
At this appointment, in most cases, Dr. Goldberg will give clearance to drive and return to work.
It is normal to experience dryness, the feeling that something is in your eye as well as vision fluctuations in the days and weeks 
following your procedure. We provide patients with eye drops to help with healing and comfort.
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