Laser Eye Surgery Safety

Laser Eye Surgery Safety
Laser Eye Surgery Safety

We are pleased to say we offer the safest form of Vision Correction Surgery in Toronto and the surrounding area!


What is LASEK?

LASEK is a more refined and advanced version of PRK

The first FDA approved laser vision Corrective procedure and the only procedure

approved by NASA for astronauts going in to Space.

There is no incision or flap, therefore no risk of the flap re-opening under pressure and G-Force.


Why Choose LASEK

  • The Safest procedure available
  • Painless
  • No cut, No flap
  • Can treat a larger range of patients with underlying conditions such as dry eyes,                                                                  thin flat corneas and astigmatism
  • Consistent and exceptional results
  • Long lasting results

Why Choose The Goldberg Centre for your Vision Correction Needs

  • Over 30 years experience and expertise
  • You see the Doctor each and every visit
  • Customized treatment plan, not a one size fits all procedure
  • Lifetime Vision Care Plan Provided
  • Most advanced laser technology available
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable support staff
  • 0% interest payment options

 LASEK is the first choice for those at increased risk of eye injury or trauma, such as first responder's, military employees and Athletes!


At The Goldberg Centre your vision is our passion!!

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