How do your eyes feel after Laser Eye Surgery?

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How do your eyes feel after Laser Eye Surgery?
How do your eyes feel after Laser Eye Surgery?
After Lasek Eye Surgery, you might feel the following sensations for a few days:

Discomfort – The amount of discomfort varies between individuals.  Taking Tylenol should relieve it.


Foreign Body Sensation – A feeling like sand is in your eyes may occur in the first 1-2 days.


Tearing – Your eyes will probably tear for the first couple of days.  **Remember** DO NOT rub your eye(s). Just dab gently.


Red/Swollen Eyes – Your eyes may be slightly red and/or swollen during the first 48 hours.


Blurred Vision – Typical for the first 48-72 hours until the corneal surface heals.  This will be significantly improved by the end of the first week.


Ghosting/Glare – During the first few weeks your vision may fluctuate slightly or you may experience some ghosting or glare.  This is normal and will improve.


Light Sensitivity – You may experience an increased sensitivity of light for the first few days after the procedure.  A good pair of sunglasses will help.


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