Best Laser Vision Correction In Toronto

Best Laser Vision Correction In Toronto

Why LASEK Is believed to be the Best & Safest laser vision correction procedure in Toronto....

What Are the Advantages of LASEK?

LASEK is a laser vision correction procedure that was developed to eliminate flap-related complications that can occur with other procedures. LASEK is one of the safest and most advanced forms of laser vision correction available to date.

Non-invasive means that there is no cut made to the cornea, not a blade cut (microkeratome) nor a laser cut (IntraLase or femtosecond laser).  No cut means no flap.  Over 90% of complications in LASIK are flap-related.  No cut means a safer procedure.

LASEK advantages including: 

  • No flap related issues
  • Less risk of surgical complications


  • Astigmatism
  • Thinner corneas
  • Larger Pupils
  • Higher prescriptions
  • Dry Eye
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